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posted 8/20/2012

Diana Krall's "Butterfly" is a new-fashioned 1927 song

Diana Krall's "Butterfly" is a new-fashioned 1927 song

Diana Krall's "Butterfly" is a new-fashioned 1927 song


Diana Krall is seated under low light at an 1890 Steinway upright that she doesn't even touch until halfway through the take.


The "Recording" sign goes on and she begins to sing the verse of "Just Like A Butterfly That’s Caught In The Rain," accompanied only by Bryan Sutton's Maccaferri guitar. The band commences to play with an effortless tread, while with lovely melancholy, Krall sings…


"I know that all of the world is cheery by that old cottage door

Why are my wings so weary?

I can't fly anymore"


It is one of the most beautifully realized performances from Diana Krall's extraordinary new record, 'Glad Rag Doll' – out October 2nd on Verve.


The song, written in the late 1920s and recorded originally by Annette Hanshaw in 1927, is among many on the album that were first recorded in the 1920s and 1930s.


Speaking of hearing Hanshaw while growing up in a household filled with 78rpm records, Krall said, "I just love the way she sang, always have. I knew Annette Hanshaw as well as any other singer before I discovered Carmen McRae and Ernestine Anderson."


Producer T Bone Burnett, spoke of the process of making these older songs vivid for the present time…


"We try to imagine ourselves sitting in the room with the person. What did it actually sound like when Annette Hanshaw or Lee Morse was singing and playing? It sounded exactly the same way as when you sing and play today.


Whatever the time and place, Krall says of "Just Like Butterfly", "I think that's my favorite but I don't have try to sound like them. It's more the story I'm trying to tell"


Then she added with a smile, "You know, it says "lonely" twice in "Just Like a Butterfly That's Caught In The Rain." The refrain is "Here I am lonely, tired and lonely."  Okay, I'm lonely already. We get the point."


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